Welcome to InsanePVP Network's Store!

We only accept payments from paypal - this means you can only use a paypal account to purchase items, or a credit card. 

We have no access to set any data you enter, as it's done via paypal, which encrypts the data to keep you safe away from fraud.


When entering your minecraft username make sure it's correct as it's cAsE SENsitivE.

When purchasing a package make sure that you're online and you have clear inventory spaces!

All payments are non-refundable!

Purchases can take up to 15 minutes to come through!

A charge back will equal a global ban from the network!

Terms & Conditions

When purchasing any package from InsanePVP, you agree to the following factors.

  1. You understand that the payment to InsanePVP is a donation, therefore there won't be any chance about a refund. Once you've donated towards the server there's no going back. 
  2. If you end up getting banned due to not following the rules stated, then you won't be refunded any money! Rules are there for a reason to keep everything in shape, and if you ban them...then you deserved to be punished. Please keep up-to-date with the server rules, as they're most likely changing all the time, however we'll attempt to keep all players at InsanePVP updated with the rules changes!
  3. When purchasing a package you understand that there's no guarentee that you'll be able to enter the server, furthermore making the virtual items that you purchased forfited. 
  4. Any refund requests due to the server not preforming, game glitches or any staff member associated with InsanePVP will not be accepted!
  5. All items are virtual and have no value!

Private Policy

Any information we collect from you won't be redistrubuted, or sold, as we take all measures to keep your information private!

InsanePVP aren't affiliated with Mojang

What to do if you don't recieve your package?

Firstly, please allow 15 - 45 minutes to recieve your package. However, if you've waited over this time and not recieved your package, then please contact a member of staff. Don't consistantely messages our staff members! You'll recieve your bought package(s) as soon as possible, and half of our staff don't have the permissions to change, give, or add packages!

There is no promise that all the permissions you get with a rank is kept the same all the time!


thank you for reading, and happy shopping!